Teaching and Academic Experience

Allied Business Consultants, Inc. includes a diverse group of Partners and Consultants who provide access to a very broad range of expertise, experience and networks. In particular, most of our consultants and partners have direct connections to local and regional educational resources especially the University of Guam, Guam Community College, and other regional community colleges.

Linkages with Existing Programs
Our team has direct access to and collaborative connections with a range of UOG and other institutions that relate to the range of educational services and programs that the Can Tho project seeks to offer.  It is appropriate to enumerate here some of the programs that UOG and the regional institutions have which may be of interest. It should be noted that UOG’s mission is to provide services to learners and regional communities in Guam, Micronesia, the Pacific and Asia in order to prepare learners for life by providing the opportunity to acquire marketable and useful knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities.

Of special interest may be the University of Guam (UOG). UOG is a fully accredited U.S. Land-grant institution which is located in the island of Guam, U.S.A. A range of programs are offered that work to serve and develop local business capabilities. Two major players at UOG are the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) and the College of Natural and Life Sciences (CNAS).

Specifically, most of our team have or do provide teaching and program-related services at the University of Guam (UOG) in areas that directly correlate with a range of studies, disciplines and programs. Some of these areas are related to international tourism, hospitality management, business enterprise development, small business entrepreneurship, personnel and human resource management, international business, and community outreach efforts.

The School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) currently offers programs and courses of undergraduate studies, that focus on small business establishment, development, management and related industries, such as:

  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management (ITHM) with a focus on the management and operation of tourism based businesses such as hotels, tour companies, and food-and-beverage operations.
  • Entrepreneurship (Ent) development for small businesses, operation management, small business investment, and management of small operations.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) where future managers learn about the importance of employees, management laws and regulations, local compliance issues and personnel management practices.
The College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS) currently houses a range of community and land-grant programs including:
  • Cooperative Extension and  Outreach with programs that work closely to develop:
    • Sustainable farming efforts
    • Small scale community businesses in agricultural areas
    • Specific localized agricultural products (raw produce and consumer products)
    • Farmer educational awareness
  • Western Pacific Tropical Research Center focusing on items, ideas and processes specific to each region and marketplace.
  • Guam Aquaculture Development and Training Center where specific methodologies and approaches to localized aquaculture projects are explored and developed.
  • UOG Herbarium to classify, catalog and support local and indigenous flora and plant life.
At a more technical level,  the regional community college system is geared to preparing skilled workers for roles in the workforce. For example, Guam Community College offers a range of basic level training programs that prepare future employees with the skills and knowledge needed to serve in industry at the service level. Some of these include training and certification programs in:
  • Culinary Skills for cooks, chefs and specialized culinary areas
  • Tour Guide and Hospitality Training for guides and hospitality service personnel.
  • Basic Supervisory Skill Training for front line supervisors and small scale business operators.
When and were appropriate, ABC’s network and connections stands ready to assist and  explore opportunities to collaborate with these and other institutions about existing programs, educational training, and expertise.  
Consulting team experience include teaching and human resource development in various core disciplines that include:
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Tropical agriculture and extension education support to farmers
  • Small business development and entrepreneurship
Allied’s strategic lineage to the University of Guam and Guam Community College, both U.S. accredited institutions, provides access to academic and vocational training in:
  • Agriculture and life sciences
  • Business and public administration
  • Vocational training in food service, hotel and hospitality services, construction, automotive,

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