John Rivera, PhD, HRMP, PHR, CM

John J. Rivera

John J. Rivera, an INTJ, is an executive coach, consultant and professor with more than 15 years of diverse professional and academic experience.

John's expertise and forte is in leadership development and strategic capacity building through human capital innovation. He has a solid track record of proven success and a strong portfolio of professional credentials to back. His skill sets are complemented by an array of the most prominent developmental assessments in the market today. He is one of only a few hundred MBTI™ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Certified Master Practitioners, with competency in all Levels—Steps I, II, & III. Of those certified to use the Step III instrument, he is in a class of about a hundred people worldwide. He is Guam's first and only MBTI™ Master Practitioner, Certified Step III Practitioner, EMP™ Founding Practitioner, and was among the first EQ-i certified practitioners in the region. Other certifications include the EMP™, EQ-i®, FIRO®, JTB™, KGI®, MMTIC®, PMAI®, TIPS™ TKI®, and Strong®.

Throughout Guam and region John has worked with a diverse mix of organizations/companies to grow strategic, organizational and leadership capacity. He is best known for his proficiency with assessments, extensive organizational behavior knowledge, diverse training capacity, and transformational leadership qualities.

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